New Star Wars Canon Games in the Pipeline?

Jade Raymond, the founder of EA’s Motive Studios has spoken at the EA Play press conference about the possibility of new Canon games ‘panning many eras, not just the new movies’

The guys from GameInformer spoke to Raymond after his talk, and she confirmed that upcoming games will form part of the new Canon. It seems quite a few games could be in the pipeline, as Raymond stated that:

We have stuff that’s slotting into different films, including the newer and older ones, and we have some things like what Amy Hennig is working on that is an original narrative.



Raymond didn’t want to give too much away, but the canon games are currently very limited, so its going to be interesting to see what comes over the next few years. Knights of the Old Republic is a fan favourite from the old EU, so its clear that games can add a lot to the Star Wars Universe.

Read the full interview here

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