Don’t call it a Prequel – Rouge One Comic to be Release Before Film

It’s interesting that the first Anthology film isn’t with an established character like Han Solo, but a whole new team of heroes in Rogue One. Sure, its strongly rumoured we’ll get some Darth Vader scenes, but the film won’t be about Vader.  It’s really encouraging that Disney is taking a creative risk and are willing to tell totally original stories. Hopefully it’ll pay off and we’ll have a whole series of stories not directly related to the main Skywalker plotline. Some of the best new canon media has shied away from the Jedi and the higher-ups of the Empire and instead focused on some smaller players.


If you’ve not kept up to date with the Rogue One news, it’s the first in a series of stand-alone spin-off stories. This first film will show the team of Rebels that stole in plans to the first Death Star before A New Hope.

Rogue One isn’t out until December, but a couple of months before in October will be introduced to the characters of the film in a three-issue comic series. It’s likely that we’ll see how the cast of characters got together before the events of the new film, and get some back story on the main players in much the same way we got to know the cast of The Force Awakens in ‘Before The Awakening’

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