Ewan McGregor Will Never Act As Obi-Wan Again (Probably)

Seems like Ewan McGregor isn’t crazy about Star Wars (seems odd to us) despite being arguably one of the better parts of the prequel films.  With the stand-alone ‘Star Wars story’ films set to be released every couple of years, and fan favourites like Han Solo getting their own films, we had to wonder if we’d ever find out more about what Obi-Wan did on Tatooine while waiting for Luke to stumble into his life. (You can see a little of his story in the ‘Star Wars’ comic series)


Clearly not happy

However, looks like we won’t see a live action film, at least not with McGregor reprising the role. While discussing his new film Our Kind of Traitor he was asked about Star Wars and replied:

I was very happy to be in them, and that’s where it ends for me. I don’t have a burning need to do them again. Or indeed any sort of fascination for the movies that everyone else seems to have. I don’t seem to have that—maybe because I’ve been in them? I’ve seen behind the curtain. It doesn’t have the same sort of wonderment to me.

I guess everything is possible, and maybe McGregor could be persuaded to come back to the role – after all he did lend his voice to The Force Awakens for Rey’s vision – but if we want a Obi-Wan film we may have to look for another actor. Who would you choose?

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