Han Solo Going Solo in New Comic Series

New Comic Series To Launch in JuneIt seems like poor old Luke is the only character left without his own stand-alone adventure comic as Disney/Marvel unveil that everyone’s favourite scruffy-lookin’ nerf herder Han Solo will feature in a new 5 part series. The comic will show Han coming to terms with being part of the Rebel Alliance after the events of A New Hope. The writer, Marjorie Liu, has said the idea when they thought ‘okay, what if this is sort of like Han Solo in Cannonball Run in space? “It finally came together in the story where there’s this infamous starship race. It’s the pilot dream race. Everyone wants to be in it, everyone dreams of winning it. The race is sort of a cover that will allow him to go on this mission for [Leia], but at the same time, even though the race isn’t a priority, it’s a real struggle for him because he knows he needs to focus, but he’s on the race of a lifetime.”

To us, this sounds like a perfect side story to send Han on. Hans adventure’s outside the plot of the films are often mentioned, but never really explored, so we’re looking forward to seeing Han in his natural habitat, out in wild space with only his wits to guide him. Han will of couse be joined by his co-pilot, Chewbacca, who recently featured in his own comic series.

Are there any bit-players you’d like to see in a spin-off comic, now all the major players have been covered? It can’t be much longer before we get a droid comic.

Han Solo will his the stores in June, once you’ve read it be sure to mark competed and leave a review.

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