New Star Wars Celebration Europe Poster

I’m a little annoyed at Star Wars Celebration, as I asked for press tickets and they turned me down. I would have gone to London! I would have Periscope’d the whole thing for everyone to see! But, they shot me down.

However, the new poster is a thing of beauty, really showing off the new generation of Star Wars in a familiar aesthetic. We’re lucky to have such a timeless design linked with Star Wars, and while the new poster can be said to be a modern design, its roots are firmly based in the past.


Whats exciting about this poster is that it showing a new Stormtrooper design. We’ve mentioned before that we’re worried about saturating the story with new, Specialised Stormtroopers that never appeared in the Original Trilogy, but it looks like we’re getting them anyway so we’ll just have to make out peace with that!

The new design looks like it could be a desert trooper?

Star Wars Celebration Europe takes place this summer in London’s Excel centre, and if anyone can get me on the guest list leave a comment below!

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  1. I love this art! It’s beautiful, but it has one problem, no Leia.

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