New Star Wars VR Experience Gives Fans What They’ve Always Wanted


The Jakku Spy Google Cardboard experience was a little tiny taste of what a Star Wars VR game would be like, but all it really did was make us hungry for more. We discussed recently how while there have been many top-notch Star Wars games, there’s never been a truly perfect Star Wars game.

But how could there be? All we really want, as Star Wars Fans, is to hold a real life lightsaber in our hands and use it to deflect some blaster bolts, or maybe chop of an arm or two. But until scientists pull their finger out and invent an actual lightsaber (an come on guys, you’ve had 30 years to perfect it), Virtual Reality is going to be the closest thing we can get. And it looks like Industrial Light and Magic’s ILMxLab are giving us what we want with Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, a VR ‘Experence’.

“VR was almost made for holding lightsaber, so that’s what we’re doing,” Lucasfilm CTO Rob Bredow told reporters recently at the 2016 Game Developers Conference, and we couldn’t agree more – just check out the video below:



Apparently the story is you play a young Padawan whom Luke has sent to Tatooine on a mission, during the period after Return of the Jedi when Luke is trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. We’re unsure at the moment of this game is going to make up part of the official canon storyline, but if the game is set to be released to a wide audience it’s a safe bet it will be. The story features Han Solo and R2D2 and at sequence with the Millennium Falcon, so it looks to follow at least some major characters after the events of the final film in the Original Trilogy

The game (or ‘experience’, as they seem to be calling it) uses the HTC Vive, one of the first generation of serious VR headsets to be released this year. The bad news is these things cost about $800 / £700 and require a decent gaming PC to run anything on them, so this game isn’t going to be easy to get your hands on, and may be one of the most tricky pieces of the puzzle if you’re trying to experience the entirety of the Star Wars Canon. However, it’ll almost certainly be one of the most satisfying experiences if you can afford it – I’m sure a lot of childhood dreams will be fulfilled the moment you ignite your lightsaber.


If this experience never actually gets a public release, or if the story they want to tell never becomes canon, it’ll be disappointing. But it shows just how much there still is to come in the Star Wars Galaxy.

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