Posters Released for Upcoming “Bloodline” Novel

Excitement builds for the upcoming Star Wars: Bloodline novel (written by Claudia Gray who also wrote the excellent Lost Stars) as IGN have managed to get their hands on 4 posters released for the novel, which will be given out at C2E2, the Chicargo Comic & Entertainment Expo this week, and other upcoming conventions. The posers are actually just variations on the main image of Princess Leia appearing in a political campaign poster, which we’ve already seen as the book cover, and then some defaced variations saying ‘traitor’, ‘liar’ and one showing Leia with Darth Vader’s head sprayed over her own.


bloodlinefinalposteronline-1jpg-19d5fc-720x959 bloodlinefinalposteronline-2jpg-0d87c2-720x959


Grey told USAToday recently:

Family is a major theme in Bloodline… In this book, we find out just how far Vader’s shadow falls However, this novel isn’t fundamentally about Leia as a wife, sister or mom; this is about the role she’s created for herself since the fall of the Empire, and the one she takes up by the time of The Force Awakens)

Leia had much more of a history with Vader before Luke came onto the scene, but we never really got to see much of her dealing with the bombshell that Vader was her father, although it’d have a massive effect on her. Also is the relationship between Luke, Leia and Darth Vader known to the rest of the Galaxy? Or is that info tightly controlled within the Rebellion?

The answers to these questions are coming soon with the release of Lost Stars schedules for May 3rd. You can pre-order the book on Amazon today.


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