Top Five Mark Hamill Tweets

Mark Hamill seems to have a lot of fun being Luke Skywalker for most of his life. With that level of fame you’d better have a good sense of humour or you’d go crazy. We’ve got our top five Mark Hamill tweets to show he’s the biggest troll in the Galaxy


Products with his face on

Star Wars has never been scared to merchandise every single product under the sun (Disney have enough money to build an actual Death Star at this point), and Mark Hamill has probably seen himself on more boxes than mirrors.

Singing Cards for fans:

Hamill is known at conventions for singing funny little messages for his fans. It’s much better than signing the same thing over and over. Someone tweeted a few examples to Hamill to check if they were legit.


Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer

This one I’m sure got a few hearts racing when they thought they might get to see some footage from Episode 8. Sadly this wasn’t the right kind of trailer.



Good to know Hamill isn’t to bitter about not getting a single line in the new Star Wars film.


Training Rey

Could our top pick be anything else? It’s good to see both generations of the Star Wars saga getting along and messing around on set. We have to say – we’re a little disappointed that the training seen won’t be in the next film. If it was good enough for Yoda, it should be good enough for Luke.





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