Vader Comic Series To End This August

Darth Vader comic series writer Kieron Gillen plans to end the run with the 25th issue published in August.

From the publishers description of the Vader:Star_Wars_Darth_Vader_Trade_Paperback_Volume_2_Cover

“As Vader pursues a very personal vengeance against the Rebels and investigates the Emperor’s secret machinations, he clashes with weapons scavenger Aphra and deadly Battle Droids, and returns to Geonosis to build an army. But some very powerful people don’t want him to learn the truths he seeks! Guest-starring Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett and more!”

Gillen told IGN, “…we kind of looked where we were after Vader Down, and we realized we were probably actually nearer to the end than we thought we were. And it was a situation where we were like, “Okay, it’s better to actually end this story in a way which we think is the most effective. We don’t want to pad it out extraneously.” That was the kind of thing, we were like, “Oh yeah, this is the end of this particular story,” in which case it’s a natural place for Vader to move on”. 

The Darth Vader comic was a good ongoing series, but it’s good to know that Marvel/Disney aren’t going to keep publishing past a projects prime just to keep the cash-cow alive.

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