What Will Happen With Leia?

The Star Wars community was deeply saddened over Christmas with the passing of Carrie Fisher. She was a real inspiration for millions, and her no-nonsense style in interviews was the best part of The Force Awakens press before the release of the film.

Leia was such a major part of Star Wars, and Fishers death was so unexpected we have to ask – what does this mean for the character? Basic story telling rules says that Kylo Ren’s arc would end with a reunion with. and forgiveness from Leia. You can imagine the emotional moment where Leia forgives her son for everything and welcomes him back, completing his redemption.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s, Leia had two major scenes planned out for Episodes VIII and IX – one of her being reunited with Luke and one with her confronting Kylo Ren. So what happens now?

Well it seems that the key players involved with the upcoming films are meeting in a couple of days to discuss the future of the role. Also, it seems that Disney had a $50 million insurance policy which they claimed shortly after Fishers death. They could use the technology we saw in Rogue One to give the character life and finish her story – but that may be a tasteless move.


Obviously its impossible to know what has already been filmed, or what will change now we’ve lost Carrie Fisher. In a better universe she’d still be with us and the beloved character would be able to finish her story. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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