Will Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Reference Future Movies?

Star Wars Rebels has managed to capture the look and feel of the Original Trilogy in much the same way as The Clone Wars built on the Prequel Era. Rebels had its biggest plot last season where Darth Vader was featured over several episodes after a whole season of build up, so its clear the writers are happy to feature movie characters and references, and it seems that season 3 may feature references to upcoming movies as well as the 7 films we already know.


Simon Kinberg, one of the executive producers on Rebels, recently talked to Moviefone:

What’s lovely is, obviously, we’ve brought in characters from Clone Wars in the second season, and we keep sort of bringing characters from the original movies and sort of deepening the relationships between our core characters, the Ghost crew. So it’s trying to balance the two different things, like the original cast from the first season with Clone Wars, with characters from the original movies, and maybe even feeding into future movies.

Its great to see that all the stories are being interlinked and brought closer together. However, there’s always a danger that if every major character knows every other major character the Galaxy will start to feel a little small. One of the complaints about the Prequels is that Chewbacca and the Droids seemed to play major roles that were never mentioned in the Classic Trilogy.

Still, if these linking stories are crafted well, solidifies the ‘shared universe’ of Star Wars and makes the whole saga seem richer.

We’ll find out more about Rebels season three  at Star Wars Celebration London in a few weeks, so watch this space!

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