The Last Jedi: Bomber Commands

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“It’s…amazing to think that the books I’ve worked on are in the hands of kids who will themselves be Star Wars fans for decades. I grew up with books such as Han Solo at Stars’ End, and they meant everything to me; it’s gratifying and humbling to think there may be fans who will wind up feeling the same way about Rey’s Survival Guide or Bomber Command.” -Jason Fry, author of Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi: Bomber Command
Jump on board the next adventure in the Star Wars saga with Paige Tico’s journal
Complete with stories, bomber schematics, and personal profiles, Paige Tico’s journal will immerse readers in the world of the pilots and technicians of Cobalt Squadron.
Discover secrets and insights from this courageous pilot as she reveals more about her past, her sister Rose, and her journey with the Resistance. With detailed sketches and eight large gatefolds, Paige’s journal is perfect for readers looking for a glimpse inside the life a bomber in the galaxy.

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1 review for The Last Jedi: Bomber Commands

  1. Sojitendo
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Bomber Command is such a cool book! I really can’t recommend it enough. It stands out because it is not exactly a traditional novel. Instead we get to read Paige Tico’s journal. If you were disappointed at how little of Paige we got in The Last Jedi ( 🙁 ), definitely pick this up. You get to hear Paige’s story in her own words. She also explains a bunch about how the big bomber ships operate. It’s really cool. The illustrations of the novel really enhance it, and, unlike books like the Journey to the Force Awakens series, that have just a handful of illustrations, Bomber Command has them on almost every page.

    We learn a lot about Rose and Paige’s backstory that you don’t get anywhere else from this book. If you read this along with Cobalt Squadron it makes Paige and Rose’s story so much more touching.

    Even the parts that overlap directly with Cobalt Squadron are really good. The different format of Bomber Command makes it so instead of just regurgitating the same story with a different point of view, you get to experience it in a completely new way.

    If you liked Paige and Rose and want to know more about them you should DEFINITELY grab a copy of this book. And if you didn’t, well. Grab a copy anyways! This and its companion novel give so much more depth to both characters.

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