Star Wars The Clone Wars TV Show – Chronological Order


For some crazy reason the brilliant Clone Wars TV series was aired out of chronological order. Many people get confused when they realise some characters have seemly come back from the dead, or plot-lines seemly start and stop at random. If you want to watch in chronological order, the full list is below:

Watch Order Episode Episode Title
1 s02e16 Cat and Mouse
2 s01e16 Hidden Enemy
The Clone Wars Film
3 s03e01 Clone Cadets
4 s03e03 Supply Lines
5 s01e01 Ambush
6 s01e02 Rising Malevolence
7 s01e03 Shadow of Malevolence
8 s01e04 Destroy Malevolence
9 s01e05 Rookies
10 s01e06 Downfall of a Droid
11 s01e07 Duel of the Droids
12 s01e08 Bombad Jedi
13 s01e09 Cloak of Darkness
14 s01e10 Lair of Grievous
15 s01e11 Dooku Captured
16 s01e12 The Gungan General
17 s01e13 Jedi Crash
18 s01e14 Defenders of Peace
19 s01e15 Trespass
20 s01e17 Blue Shadow Virus
21 s01e18 Mystery of a Thousand Moons
22 s01e19 Storm over Ryloth
23 s01e20 Innocents of Ryloth
24 s01e21 Liberty on Ryloth
25 s02e01 Holocron Heist
26 s02e02 Cargo of Doom
27 s02e03 Children of the Force
28 s02e17 Bounty Hunters
29 s02e18 The Zillo Beast
30 s02e19 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
31 s02e04 Senate Spy
32 s02e05 Landing at Point Rain
33 s02e06 Weapons Factory
34 s02e07 Legacy of Terror
35 s02e08 Brain Invaders
36 s02e09 Grievous Intrigue
37 s02e10 The Deserter
38 s02e11 Lightsaber Lost
39 s02e12 The Mandalore Plot
40 s02e13 Voyage of Temptation
41 s02e14 Duchess of Mandalore
42 s02e20 Death Trap
43 s02e21 R2 Come Home
44 s02e22 Lethal Trackdown
45 s03e05 Corruption
46 s03e06 The Academy
47 s03e07 Assassin
48 s03e02 ARC Troopers
49 s03e04 Sphere of Influence
50 s03e08 Evil Plans
51 s01e22 Hostage Crisis
52 s03e09 Hunt for Ziro
53 s03e10 Heroes on Both Side
54 s03e11 Pursuit of Peace
55 s02e15 Senate Murders
56 s03e12 Nightsisters
57 s03e13 Monster
58 s03e14 Witches of the Mist
59 s03e15 Overlords
60 s03e16 Altar of Mortis
61 s03e17 Ghosts of Mortis
62 s03e18 The Citadel
63 s03e19 Counter Attack
64 s03e20 Citadel Rescue
65 s03e21 Padawan Lost
66 s03e22 Wookiee Hunt
67 s04e01 Water War
68 s04e02 Gungan Attack
69 s04e03 Prisoners
70 s04e04 Shadow Warrior
71 s04e05 Mercy Mission
72 s04e06 Nomad Droids
73 s04e07 Darkness on Umbara
74 s04e08 The General
75 s04e09 Plan of Dissent
76 s04e10 Carnage of Krell
77 s04e11 Kidnapped
78 s04e12 Slaves of the Republic
79 s04e13 Escape from Kadavo
80 s04e14 A Friend In Need
81 s04e15 Deception
82 s04e16 Friends and Enemies
83 s04e17 The Box
84 s04e18 Crisis on Naboo
85 s04e19 Massacre
86 s04e20 Bounty
87 s04e21 Brothers
88 s04e22 Revenge
89 s05e02 A War on Two Fronts
90 s05e03 Front Runners
91 s05e04 The Soft War
92 s05e05 Tipping Points
93 s05e06 The Gathering
94 s05e07 A Test of Strength
95 s05e08 Bound for Rescue
96 s05e09 A Necessary Bond
97 s05e10 Secret Weapons
98 s05e11 A Sunny Day in the Void
99 s05e12 Missing in Action
100 s05e13 Point of No Return
101 s0e501 Revival
102 s05e14 Eminence
103 s05e15 Shades of Reason
104 s05e16 The Lawless
105 s05e17 Sabotage
106 s05e18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
107 s05e19 To Catch a Jedi
108 s05e20 The Wrong Jedi
109 s06e01 The Unknown
110 s06e02 Conspiracy
111 s06e03 Fugitive
112 s06e04 Orders
113 s06e05 An Old Friend
114 s06e06 The Rise of Clovis
115 s06e07 Crisis at the Heart
116 s06e08 The Disappeared
117 s06e09 The Disappeared: Pt. II
118 s06e10 The Lost One
119 s06e11 Voices
120 s06e12 Destiny
121 s06e13 Sacrifice

Bonus – Clone Wars Legacy
A Death on Utapau
In Search of the Crystal
Crystal Crisis
The Big Bang